What Souram Stand For..

Started in mid 2013 with a vision to provide affordable reliable renewable energy products as part of social responsibility. The world has began to generate power from non conventional energy sources like wind, solar, biomas etc. To be a part of this green energy revolution Souram Technologies has come into existence

Services from us

With a vision to provide affordable reliable renewable energy..

Souram provides consultancy and execute projects in:-
1. Solar power plants– feasibility study, supply installation commissioning and maintenance of solar power plants of capacity 250W to 100kW

2. Solar water pumps– supply installation of 0.5 to 10hp stainless steel submersible water pumps with NABARD/ANERT subsidy is available.

3. Wind energy– feasibility of potential sites, identification of wind potential sites, development,liaisoning with state, nodal agencies for getting clearances,NOCs to install WTGs,facilitate sale of existing wind farms/WTGs across the country.Small wind turbine 500W to 10kW. Technical expertise provider for higher capacity wind turbines from 250kw, 600kw, 750kw to 2.1MW range.

4. Waste management –Providing technical feasibility study at site and report generation, supply installation commissioning of biogas plants with cooking fuel output or power generation.
⦁ Feasibility study and waste audit.
⦁ Project preparation and implementation.
⦁ BIOGAS plants domestic and industrial type
⦁ Waste to power projects using duel fuel generators.
⦁ Compact waste management systems for diary farms, poultry farms.

5. Facility management -Strategic alliance with major facility management companies for providing facility services
⦁ Housekeeping for offices and corporate
⦁ Maintenance services –mechanical-electrical-plumbing
⦁ Skilled manpower providers

6. Liaisoning support for national and international organizations in Kerala
⦁ For business development from government institutions
⦁ Liasioning with Electricity boards, nodal agencies-ANERT/MNRE

Institutional biogas plants: Waste of food materials and other bio degradable wastes generated in Factory canteens, Convents, Hospitals, Hostels, Hotels and other industrial organizations can be treated in an eco-friendly way for the production of cooking gas in very large scale.
The organic waste generated from public institutions like Market and slaughter houses etc can be used for the generation of electricity through the installation of treatment plants. *1.5 KW electricity can be produced from one cubic metre of biogas.