What Souram Stand For..

Started in mid 2013 with a vision to provide affordable reliable renewable energy products as part of social responsibility. The world has began to generate power from non conventional energy sources like wind, solar, biomass etc. To be a part of this green energy revolution Souram Technologies has come into existence

Welcome to Souram

Souram Technologies founder members has worked in different fields of renewable energy. Started as marketing engineer for business development of testing and measuring instruments of M/s Larsen and Toubro Limited,FLUKE USA in Kerala..

Souram conducted a technical feasibility study for M/s AITKEN SPENCE wind farm development project in central Srilanka along with Shriram wind energy group..

Our Services

Green Energy Solutions and Services

The conventional energy production from coal, hydro, nuclear fuels is reducing due to non availability of input fuels and due to drastic environmental hazards in production. The demand for power increase every day and non conventional energy sources like wind, solar, biomass etc are the alternative reliable power sources that can fill the gap in the long run.

Waste Management Solutions and Services

1.5 KW electricity can be produced from one cubic metre of biogas. Due to the fast growing population, discharge of different types of waste is increasing day by day. The organic waste generated from public institutions like Market and slaughter houses etc can be used for the generation of electricity through the installation of treatment plants

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