What Souram Stand For..

Started in mid 2013 with a vision to provide affordable reliable renewable energy products as part of social responsibility. The world has began to generate power from non conventional energy sources like wind, solar, biomas etc. To be a part of this green energy revolution Souram Technologies has come into existence

Latest clients

With a vision to provide affordable reliable renewable energy..

Latest projects executed by us:-
1. 1kw rooftop solar power projects through ANERT programme.
2. 3kw solar power plants for private banks.
3. Consultancy for biogas plants through Green Energy Experts in Kerala.
4. Feasibility study conducted for biogas projects in UAE (quail farm).
5. Feasibility study conducted for 20MW wind farm project in Srilanka for Zusmagreen Power.

Waste management facts
Due to the fast growing population, discharge of different types of waste is also increasing day by day. The accumulation of organic wastes creates several environmental problems. In accordance with the fast growing population, demand increase in the generation of energy day by day. To overcome the energy crisis, Renewable energy sources have to be promoted widely. To overcome these two issues, all degradable wastes can be converted in to bio energy through biomethanisation technology.

Facts for a typical 1 cubic meter biogas plant:-
Waste Treatment Capacity - 2-5 Kg biodegradable waste & 15 – 25 Litres of organic waste water daily.
Volume of Digester - 750/1000 Litres
Suitable for - < 5 member family
Space required for the installation - 1.5 Sq Mtrs.
Gas generation per day - 1 Cum Biogas approximately
Liquid fertilizer generation - 10-15 Litres per day
1 Cum Biogas (equivalent) - 0.5 Kg. LPG
*Emission reduction of 3.5 tones CO2 annually
This is a multi beneficial scheme-fuel, fertilizer and climate protection. Other renewable energy scheme helps to preserve fossil fuels only. Bio energy helps to protect environment directly through the treatment and hygienic disposal of waste.

Anaerobic digestion is a universally accepted and proven technology. It is very simple, user friendly and it needs no recurring expenses. All degradable waste can be treated with the help of different types of anaerobic bacteria / microbes in a concealed digester. These microbes will be converting degradable materials to different types of acids and then to biogas, a mixture of methane, carbon dioxide and some other gases in traces. Treated product that are coming out from the digester in the form of liquid or semi liquid can be used as a very good organic fertilizer.
Advantages of this technology are it prevents deforestation, improves the public health, cooking fuel/biogas can be produced from this treatment, reduces pollution, save LPG,helps in maintaining ecological balance.